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MacScribe 2.0

MacScribe® 2, the hieroglyphic text processor for Apple® Macintosh

With MacScribe 2, you can typeset egyptian hieroglyphic text with your Macintosh.

You can input hieroglyphs either through their code, through their phonetic value, or by picking them in a sign palette. You can group them in quadrants, write in any direction, add hatches, annotations... All these features can be accessed through menus, keyboard shortcuts, and a tool palette. Power users can input directly standard encoding for the groups.

MacScribe can export its graphics to standard page layout programs. Its export format is fully configurable, and can be Macintosh PICTs or EPS. MacScribe standard file saving format can be configured to be EPS.

MacScribe 2 comes with a 800-sign PostScript font, in two weights. An additional 6000-sign font can be purchased separately, and contains in particular ptolemaic signs. Although it was designed mainly for PostScript printers (Laser printers and phototypesetting machines), it works with Quickdraw inkjet printers.

MacScribe's user interface is available both in French and English.

New: MacScribe light, the core features at reduced price (30 euros).

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System requirements

MacOS 8 or greater, 16 Mb of memory. PowerPC processor recommended. If you need a 68k version, please contact me.Adobe Type Manager (ATM) is required. It is available from Adobe, and is included in recent MacOS system software.

Download MacScribe

Get Acrobat ReaderDownload MacScribe-209.sea.hqx (Binhex format, 3.8 Mb). The archive contains MacScribe for PowerPC Macintosh, the 800-sign font, and a user's manual in English. You can also download MacScribe from the various info-mac mirrors

You can also download MacScribeLight-209.sea.hqx

In order to read the manual, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available from Adobe.

MacScribe will work in demo mode until you register your copy. The latest version is 2.0.9, of 10 April 2001.

Payment and registration

MacScribe can be purchased either using the enclosed Register application, or online from (use if your web browser does not support secure HTTP).

Pricing is :

Users who upgrade from MacScribe 1, or full-time students get a 50% discount.

Shortly after registering, you will receive a key to activate MacScribe. If you purchased the extended font, you will receive instructions to download it. The exact delay might vary, but should be less than a week.

Editors who wish to publish a book or a journal containing signs from the extended library, or signs typeset with MacScribe, must purchase a site license.


MacScribe would not exist without the support from the IFAO, Cairo, Egypt.

Comments, bug reports and questions

Please send any of those to